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We are NHOA (formerly Electro Power Systems), one of the top global players in energy storage and eMobility with the aim of enabling the paradigm shift in the global energy system towards clean energy and sustainable mobility.

Unlocking the Energy Transition

We are committed to enable the global transition towards clean energy and sustainable mobility shaping the future of a next generation living in harmony with our planet.

History of an Italian High-Tech Player

From spin-offs of the Turin and Milan Polytechnics to one of the largest players in the world in the storage of energy and electric mobility: the success story of NHOA.

Born in 2005 as a technological spin-off of the Politecnico di Torino and Milano, in 2013 Electro Power Systems (EPS) started its transformation into a global energy storage player under the guidance of the new CEO Carlalberto Guglielminotti. Under Chapter 11 in 2013, in 2014 the company completed a complex financial restructuring in record time raising 130 million euros on the international capital markets, and in just over a year, in April 2015, it was listed on Euronext, the regulated market for Paris Stock Exchange with a market cap of 55 million euros. Guglielminotti, born in 1983 – serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Young Global Leader 2020 of the World Economic Forum, with a double-degree in law, specialization in finance and philosophy and an MBA – who was entrusted with the task of winding-up the Company – believed in the great potential of the business, whose advanced technology hitherto had been directed exclusively to the telecommunications sector. Guglielminotti’s bet – which proved successful – was to pivot the business model and re-allocate the company’s know-how and patent portfolio to the energy and electric mobility sectors. In January 2018, ENGIE, the global energy leader, acquired a majority stake of EPS for an Enterprise Value of over 108 million euros from its historic shareholders, and then subsequently launched the takeover bid on the French stock exchange leading it to acquire over 60% of EPS capital. In April 2021 TCC, one of the leading industrial Taiwanese groups active in the battery manufacturing, announced the acquisition of the majority stake in Engie EPS for an Enterprise Value of 240 million euros, unfolding new horizons ahead for EPS, that at the closing of the transaction on 20 July 2021 became NHOA. In May 2021, from the fruitful collaboration between the eMobility division of NHOA and Stellantis, fourth global automaker, was born the joint venture Free2Move eSolutions, which has already started designing, producing in Italy and commercializing in the whole world innovative products and services for charging electric vehicles. Today, NHOA, still listed on the Euronext market in Paris, has maintained in Italy all research and development functions and production activities with an industrial plant and two engineering centers in Valtellina, Turin, and Milan. With a unique team (over 150 people from 19 nationalities), NHOA has filed more than 130 patents in 28 Countries worldwide and over 1,200 industrial secrets. NHOA products are fully developed on the HyESS® platform (Hybrid Energy Storage System), a revolutionary proprietary technology that allows integrating every renewable source with every kind of storage, from lithium batteries to hydrogen, including electric vehicles.

The company has installed storage systems and microgrids on a global scale:

  • 26
  • 500,000+
    People powered everyday
  • 1 GWh
    Of Storage Systems online and under development
NHOA has two main product lines

Energy Storage

Utility-scale energy storage systems to transform solar or wind farms into a sustainable and available 24/7 energy source.

Among the most iconic projects, NHOA is developing in the USA one of the largest storage systems in the world for over 300 MWh. Moreover, we resulted the first technology operator in Italy in Terna's tender of December 2020 for the ultra-fast frequency reserve (Fast Reserve), with over 70 MW and 28% of the capacity awarded.


Innovative technologies and solutions to tear down the barriers for electric mobility diffusion.

Among the most iconic projects of Free2Move eSolutions, the joint venture between NHOA and Stellantis:

  • easyWallbox, the unique charging device (patented) that allows to charge the electric vehicle avoiding blackouts and plugging into a simple home electrical socket;
  • the largest fast charge station in the world (in Mirafiori, Turin), with over 700 electric vehicles, that thanks to the V2G technology will provide from 2023 grid services, paid by Terna, to the Italian electric system for over 25 MW
  • fully digital subscriptions which allow clients to recharge their vehicle at home or on the go at a fixed monthly fee based on their annual mileage.


Public Fast Charging network 100% grid integrated and enabled by renewables and Energy Storage.

As announced on 23 July 2021, NHOA has the Strategic Ambition through the new Global Business Line Atlante to own and operate a new public fastcharging network 100% grid integrated and enabled by renewables and Energy Storage. The Atlante Network will be initially developed in Southern Europe, it will be an open network and will cater to the demands of the varied customers of Stellantis, being the preferred fastcharging network of Stellantis and its customers.

A clear vision of our role in society

We are a Technology Global Leader and the world's reference to shape a sustainable future through Unparalleled Innovation, world-class Engineering and flawless Execution, providing our customers with net zero power solutions and a sustainable cost advantage.


Electricity is our power, new horizons our destination.

Discover our instalations around the world

  • People powered 500,000
  • online in 26 countries 185 MW
  • Under development 900+ MWh

New Horizons Ahead

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