Ashley Mangano

VP Australia & Pacific, NHOA Energy

Work Experience

Ashley Mangano serves as the Vice President for Australia & Pacific at NHOA Energy, a position he has held since 2021, leading the establishment of the company’s operations in Australia. His career has focused on international energy, encompassing both thermal and renewable sectors. Over the past decade, Mr. Mangano has occupied senior management and executive roles leading organisations and teams to acquire, develop, and operate energy projects across the United Kingdom, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Caribbean.


Mr Mangano holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Oxford (2012), a Bachelor Degree in Engineering, and a Bachelor Degree in Commerce from the University of Western Australia (2005). He is currently completing a Master of Commercial Law at the University of Melbourne. Mr Mangano completed directorship training at the Australian Institute of Company Directors (2013).

Family & Free Time

Mr Mangano grew up in Western Australia near the beach and wine region, which shaped his love for surfing, wine, and outdoor cooking for family and friends.

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