Cristina Cremonesi

Head of Communication, ESG and Institutional Relations

Work Experience

Cristina Cremonesi joined NHOA, formerly ENGIE Eps, in 2019 as part of the Staff to the CEO. She became Chief of Staff in January 2020 and she is now in charge of the Communication, ESG and Institutional Relations Department. Prior to her work at NHOA, Mrs. Cremonesi was a Post-Doc Researcher in Political Communication and Lecturer in Political Science and Public Opinion at the University of Turin. Mrs. Cremonesi also worked as Research Assistant for the Lombardia Regional Parliament, and as Executive Assistant to the President of the Italian Association of Political Communication.


Mrs. Cremonesi holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Pavia (2017), a Master’s Degree cum laude in Economy, Politics and International Relations from the University of Pavia (2012), and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree cum laude in Political Science from the University of Pavia (2010). Mrs. Cremonesi specialised in Political Studies at Science Po Toulouse (2010) and in Political Communication at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (2015).

Family & Free Time

Mrs. Cremonesi had been active in a number of projects for social and cultural integration at local and international level. Some years ago she started taking ballet classes to realize a childhood dream, but coming from a family of mountain lovers, she spends most of her free time outdoor in the nearby of Bergamo, her hometown.

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