Giorgio Crugnola

VP Product, Free2Move Head of Technology

Work Experience

Giorgio Crugnola has a long track record of leading innovative projects in the fields of battery development and integration. He gained specific experiences on automotive battery design (buses, mine trucks, light commercial vehicle) and stationary energy storage system at the pioneering time of the pilot installations in Italy with the Terna Lab or abroad for EDF and T-Mobile. Giorgio has got significant international experience through the close collaboration with leading Japanese and US companies which make his profile open to different approach and flexible. After some years spent as process engineer and production manager, he took the lead of the R&D for a top European battery player. In this role he focused his effort on BMS and battery design contributing to reach a relevant market position. Very familiar with team management and products development he was appointed as chairman of Italian mirror committee of IEC120, Energy Storage System in 2016. Involved in many European and Swiss founded research projects he had the chance to combine industrial development with more applied research activities boosting the company to innovate its product portfolio. For some years he was also a freelance engineer in parallel to the main job. Residential PV systems and energy analysis of buildings were his main activities. In the actual role as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in Engie EPS he defines R&D development roadmap, oversees technical relation with strategic suppliers and customers and cares about the overall team management (40+ engineers). As tech play EPS is able to develop very complex and futuristic system going every day beyond its limit: in the last 12 months he is proud to have completed a full scale V2G parking in Turin capable to exchange up 2MW with the grid and the easyWallbox a revolutionary residential EV charging station to speed up the electric mobility transition.


Giorgio Crugnola was born in Varese in 1973, where he spent his childhood and, after the studies, he established his actual residence. The strong interest for technical matters and the love for electrotechnics pushed him to study first in Piedmont and then in Milan Polytechnics where obtained his master’s degree in electrical engineering during 1998. Once enrolled in the professional register of engineers, obtained the qualification for energy certification of buildings in 2008. Giorgio has also got an executive MBA at CUOA, the business school of Padua university in 2013.

Family & Free Time

Very passionate of mountaineering since he was teenager, Giorgio likes to spend his free time trekking, climbing and skiing across the Alps. In between 1998 and 1999 he attended at SMALP the military school for mountain troops where he received the title of Lieutenant and made strong experience in leading team in adverse climate and under strong phycological pressure. In recent years Giorgio spent most of his free time with family and the two children Annalisa and Pietro making outdoor activities, like also his wife Paola loves. He cares about others by helping and supporting the local initiatives of some entities fully involved in the social field.

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