Lucie Kanius-Dujardin

VP Global Markets and Development


Work Experience

Lucie Kanius-Dujardin is VP Global Markets & Development for NHOA where she leads the development effort of the company. She also lead the EMEA and APAC geographic platforms. Before joining NHOA, she worked at ENGIE in gas storage activities to accelerate development, before being in charge of developing geothermal activity worldwide. Then, she was assigned to coordinate the biggest refinancing and sale of French renewable portfolio, and then appointed to manage and integrate a renewable energy company of 50 amazing people. She finally became advisor to the CEO of ENGIE where she contributed to strategic orientations.


Mrs. Kanius-Dujardin graduated from a Dual-Master degree in Business Administration from Kedge and TongJi University (同济大学) and hold a Specialized Master’s degree in Energy from ParisTech, IFP School and INSTN Universities.

Family & Free Time

Travelling around the world from her earliest childhood, Mrs. Kanius-Dujardin is passionate about China and devoted to fight against climate change. She has been advising government organisations for the United Nation Climate Change Conference negotiation and continue to make the world a better place for her two kids.

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