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We are always looking for passionate people who love to excel and have the ambition to make a difference with their work. At NHOA, we nurture our talents, promoting their affirmation as professionals and individuals. Every single person is precious to us and all together we work to give the world a better future. Work with us!

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We are fully committed to inclusivity and diversity. We value individual uniqueness and foster an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their distinct perspectives. We believe diversity fuels innovation and problem-solving, so we actively seek individuals from diverse backgrounds to join our team. We provide equal opportunities and welcome candidates from all cultures, genders, abilities, and identities. Join us in creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce, where every voice is celebrated.

Our Strengths

Enhance and value our talents to create the best solutions and drive the global transition towards clean energy and sustainable mobility. Excellence, innovation, and leadership are the values that guide our action. Work with us!

We are a global player headquartered in Italy and listed in France, with a privileged access to world-class Asian supply chains and industrial might. All our R&D and production activities take place in Italy, in a very advanced industrial and technological district.
Thanks to our unique team of engineers, we develop cutting-edge technologies offering best-in-class solutions that enable a better and cleaner future.
We love challenges, and we give our best where there is the need of a technological and innovative solution to face a new problem.
We nurture talents, promote their health and safety, and their affirmation as individuals. Through our FamilyWorking Program, we recognize to our employees 5 fundamental rights to positively combine work and family: Technology, Flexibility, Family, Wellness and to be a Parent.
We believe in supporting the growth of our talents and investing in their future is our priority.

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