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We are always looking for passionate people who love to excel and have the ambition to make a difference with their work. At NHOA, we nurture our talents, promoting their affirmation as professionals and individuals. Every single person is precious to us and all together we work to give the world a better future. Work with us!

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We are fully committed to inclusivity and diversity. We value individual uniqueness and foster an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their distinct perspectives. We believe diversity fuels innovation and problem-solving, so we actively seek individuals from diverse backgrounds to join our team. We provide equal opportunities and welcome candidates from all cultures, genders, abilities, and identities. Join us in creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce, where every voice is celebrated.

Graduate program

NHOA Energy launched its International Graduate Program, a platform designed to cultivate young talents and propel their careers in the sustainable energy sector. This program is not just a course; it’s a gateway to becoming a part of the future of energy solutions. Our International Graduate Program offers a blend of comprehensive training and practical experience, participants will dive deep into the core principles of battery storage systems and explore advanced topics in design, pricing, planning, and sales of sustainable energy solutions. This program is not just about learning; it is about applying knowledge in real-world settings. Graduates will collaborate closely with experienced engineers, business development managers, and project managers, working on real projects.
Participants of NHOA Energy International Graduate Program will work in our offices around the world, taking the next step in their professional career while also creating important memories.
Are you a recent graduate passionate about clean energy? We’re looking for exceptional individuals with degrees in energy, electrical, or mechanical engineering, a strong academic record, less than 2 years of work experience, full proficiency in English, and a willingness to be based in Milan, Perth, Taipei, or Houston, with the potential for international relocation.

NHOA Élite Program

The heart of NHOA People Strategy is the NHOA Élite Program, an innovative program that enables all NHOA Group employees to become élite leaders in their respective fields, by providing training and support with world-class experts for physical and mental balance and performance optimization.​
NHOA Élite Program is accessible to all NHOA Group employees and extends its reach to athletes and selected coaches of the sports clubs that NHOA Group supports.​

At NHOA Group, we are committed to creating a workplace that values diversity and promotes inclusivity.

In line with our broader initiatives to achieve personal growth and life improvement, in April 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we introduced the FamilyWorking, a new approach to work that fosters family balance and professional life, placing the family at the center.

FamilyWorking is built on 5 fundamental rights: the Right to Technology, Flexibility, Family, Wellness and Parenthood. We firmly believe in the Right to Technology and use advanced tools to enhance productivity. Furthermore, we prioritize the Right to Flexibility and offer versatile work schedules to our employees while deeply valuing the Right to Family and providing supportive measures to ensure our employees achieve harmony between professional and personal life. Our well-being initiatives embody the Right to Wellness, while our resources enrich being a parent, reflecting our dedication and commitment to the Right to Parenthood, to support each employee in their new capacity with dedicated program, like NHOA 0-18.
FamilyWorking is now a fundamental pillar of the broader framework of the NHOA Élite Program, a dedicated plan to empower all NHOA People in their personal and professional lives, providing guidance and resources dedicated to physical and mental well-being, as well as coaching and leadership support.