Companies and birth rate support: introducing “NHOA 0-18” the new program from NHOA Group to aid parents, developed with JOINTLY

| Oct 18, 2023

Pediatric and pedagogical support together with psychological initiatives to accompany the growth of families in Italy, where over 8 out of 10 workers with children would like dedicated support from their companies

Milan, 18 October 2023NHOA Group, (NHOA.PA, formerly Engie EPS) global player in energy storage, e-mobility and EV fast and ultra-fast charging network, with the help of JOINTLY, the first Italian B Corp® in Welfare and Corporate Wellbeing, launch the new “NHOA 0-18” program with the aim of supporting its employees in harmonizing parental role and professional commitments.

This innovative program is an extension of the already successful FamilyWorking policy launched in 2020, designed in the context of NHOA Group’s People Strategy ( to provide flexibility and recognize 5 fundamental Rights: the Right to Technology, Flexibility, Family, Wellness and Parenthood.

The NHOA 0-18 program aims to support parents and children by providing a wide range of services on two different levels. If on one hand there are initiatives aimed at facilitating the transition to parenthood, such as webinars, pediatric support and dedicated psychological and pedagogical initiatives designed to assist step by step since pregnancy until the return to work; on the other hand, educational initiatives for the child itself are also included, such as language courses, support for children with special needs, and daily study assistance.

All services can be accessed in person or remotely, ensuring that children are cared for in a safe and nurturing environment as well as allowing parents to focus on their professional obligations.

The initiative is part of the right to Parenthood promoted by FamilyWorking, which already included several projects developed in collaboration with Becoming Education, a group of innovative schools characterized by a common pedagogical approach and aimed at the 0-13 age group, which has the ambition to train and accompany the growth of aware and socially oriented people, expanding the educational potential of services and schools to the family and society as a whole. Becoming will continue to follow the NHOA Group in this new program as well together with many other specialized partners. Program that will be established in close relation with NHOA Élite Program, enabling all employees to become élite leaders in their respective fields, by providing training and support with world-class experts for physical and mental balance and performance optimization.

The new initiative is of such paramount importance given the current situation of families and parents in Italy. The birth rate in the country is at a historical low. Although women express the desire to have close to two children, the current average per family stands at half that number (1.25). This fertility gap, the largest in Europe alongside Greece and Spain, underscores that parenting is a daunting and expensive task, especially in a country where family support policies are absent, and infrastructure is lacking. Nursery coverage is stagnant at 33%, and less than half of the primary schools in Italy offer full-time education[1]. According to the “JOINTLY Voice” research, conducted by JOINTLY in collaboration with the Università Cattolica di Milano and analyzing a representative sample of over 30,000 workers, a vast majority (85%) of those with school-aged children seek specific support from their companies. Additionally, many of them (80%) regard corporate welfare measures as a significant aid in their parental role.

With an average age of 34, women covering 50% of the management positions, and nearly 1 out of 4 team members being parent, the NHOA 0-18 program seamlessly integrates into NHOA Group’s People Strategy, emphasizing individual and familial well-being, aiming to support parents with young children by providing a wide range of services, always managed and assisted by a dedicated Family Manager.

Overall, NHOA Group’s commitment to nurturing a balanced, fulfilling life for its employees is stronger than ever, setting a clear example in the corporate sphere.

At NHOA Group, we want once again to do something more, in the quest to create a future where professional and family life do not just coexist, but flourish together. Today, we launch the NHOA 0-18 program, sending out a signal, a Company should never stop trying to find new ways to make the life of its people more harmonious”, commented Ludovica Solera, Chief People Officer of NHOA Group.

In a historical moment when the country’s demographic sustainability is at risk, and at the same time, public health resources are increasingly limited, the commitment of companies like NHOA Group holds dual value,” explained Francesca Rizzi, co-founder and CEO of JOINTLY. “It not only promotes the well-being of its employees with families but also contributes to the country’s development by supporting birth rates and parenthood. This is an instance where corporate welfare plays a crucial role in the country’s socioeconomic growth”.


[1] Openpolis data, 2022

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Companies and birth rate support: introducing “NHOA 0-18” the new program from NHOA Group to aid parents, developed with JOINTLY