NHOA & Free2Move eSolutions: Green Pass to access the offices, to protect employees and families

| Aug 04, 2021

Milan, 4 August 2021 — In line with the Confindustria proposal to the Italian Government and the indications of the Technical & Scientific Committee on the Green Pass as an essential tool to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, from 1 October 2021 entry to NHOA and Free2Move eSolutions’ offices will only be granted to Green Pass holders.

The decision to make the Green Pass mandatory is an act of responsibility towards our people, their families and society as a whole,” said Carlalberto Guglielminotti, CEO of NHOA Group. “As entrepreneurs, we have the obligation to help the community, by fostering the most advanced methods to fight the pandemic, which represent the only way of ensuring the business continuity around the world.”

“Protecting all our employees by applying prevention and safety protocols in our offices,” commented Roberto Di Stefano, CEO of Free2Move eSolutions, “is a sign of this organisation’s civic responsibility. The aim of this latest decision is to make our contribution to definitively overcome the problem that is still present in everyone’s everyday life.”

The two companies’ decision is part of the FamilyWorking programme (nhoa.energy/familyWorking), adopted by NHOA — at the time Engie EPS — in the early stages of the pandemic and joined by Free2Move eSolutions since the beginning of its activity, with the aim of protecting the health of their employees and their families.

With the FamilyWorking programme working from the office is no longer mandatory  and to the employees who choose to work on-site maximum safety is guaranteed thanks to specially redesigned offices and thanks to the adoption of protocols defined together with H San Raffaele Resnati, part of the San Donato Group, occupational medicine partner.

We are delighted to assist NHOA and Free2Move eSolutions in this responsible choice, aimed at protecting the health of its employees and therefore their households. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Resnati has been working alongside companies to lay down safe and effective protocols.” said Alberto Nughedu, CEO of H San Raffaele Resnati.

Granting access to the NHOA and Free2Move eSolutions’ offices in Milan, Turin and Valtellina only to Green Pass holders is a major new tool to protect employees, and it represents an opportunity to promote public health by boosting the vaccination campaign.

From 1 September onwards, both companies will be inviting their employees to access the offices only if they hold the Green Pass and, to make sure everyone can complete the vaccination cycle, checks will be only carried out from 1 October, once published the updated version of the health protocol by Resnati.

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NHOA & Free2Move eSolutions: Green Pass to access the offices, to protect employees and families