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We transform renewables into a sustainable and available 24/7 energy source

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Energy Storage

We design, industrialize and produce utility-scale Energy Storage Systems, granting world-class power supply and the delivery of renewable energy into the grid.

We leverage our technology edge, superior engineering, strategic partnerships and global procurement, to tailor the most competitive solutions

Transforming sunlight into energy available on demand

Large-scale Energy Storage Systems transform the intermittent generation of solar farms into a fully-dispatchable power supply. Our solutions comprising PV Systems coupled with Energy Storage Systems are designed for time-shifting (energy intensive) or ramp management and capacity firming (power intensive).

Enabling a Renewable Energy-Powered Grid

Large-scale modular, containerized Energy Storage Systems provide grid-stabilization services enabling the integration of more renewable energy into the grid. Our solutions vary in order to match system size and envisaged applications: from high-density solutions (large power plants) to standard-density (medium power plants).

Facilitating the energy transition in the industrial sector

We supply industrial facilities with world-class renewable power. Our prime power solutions combine distributed renewable energy sources, storage capacity and conventional backup to supplement or replace grid supply for both single or multiple users.

Electricity is our power, new horizons our destination

  • 500,000 People powered
  • 185 MWh Online in 26 countries
  • 900+ MW Under development
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