Fondazione Theodora

Giggle Doctors

In Italy, since 1995, the Foundation brings moments of joy and playfulness to the hospitalised children.

History and Mission

Theodora Foundation was created in memory of a special mother. When André Poulie, President and Founder, was hospitalised for a long period of time because of an unfortunate accident, his mother, Théodora, every day, brought moments of joy and playfulness to her own child as well as to all the other little patients of the ward.

After her passing, André and his brother Jan decided to spread her strength and spirit to hospitalised children with the Dottor Sogni, of whom they invented the character and role. It was so that in 1993 in Switzerland the Dottor Sogni of Fondation Théodora were born.

In Italy, since 1995, the Foundation brings moments of joy and playfulness to the hospitalised children, taking care of their “healthy” side, with the special visits of Dottor Sogni, professional artists, commissioned and specifically trained to work in high complexity pediatric wards.

Visits programmes

Individuals Visits

The objective is to create a trustworthy relationship with the little patient, based on the acknowledgment of emotions. The Dottor Sogni listens and takes care of the “healthy side” of the child, the part that wants to express itself through playing, imagining, laughing and crying

Pre – Surgery Programme

The purpose of the programme is to be at the side of the child who is about to face surgery and his family from the pre-surgery room to the moment of awakening, with the objective of lowering the level of “pre and post traumatic” stress and anxiety

Obstetric and neonatal disease

Dottor Sogni’s intervention consists in offering an actual support to the woman giving birth, to the newborn and the entire family encouraging the emotional relationship between the mother and the newborn in obstetrics and neonatal disease.


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