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Having a proactive Board and strong leadership that is deeply committed to high ethical standards is a business imperative for ensuring sustainable success

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We develop technologies that revolutionize the global energy system, towards renewable energy and electric mobility. We strive for transparency and sustainability, find here all the essential information about our Governance and Ethics

Ethics and Compliance

An-Ping Chang

Mr. Nelson Chang
NHOA Group Executive Chairman

Human civilization and culture develop through the usage of energy and are bound together by law and ethics. NHOA is an energy company whose core beliefs are fundamental to our responsibility to our society and the planet Earth. We are a global company which believes in total climate commitment and total care commitment. Our business strategy and ethical behavior cannot be separated from one another. Our training and discipline do not allow us to cut corners in manufacturing or services nor cut any corners in our day-to-day business practice. We believe ethics is a global value which transcends culture and geography. Values do not change with time, location or business. Virtue and ethics depend on training and action. Good business is rooted in morality. We adhere to ethical values because the future is worth it! To paraphrase Socrates: “Unexamined business or behavior is not worth doing.”

Growth is sustainable and lasting only if it is ethical. Pursuing it is not easy, but we owe it to our society and future generations. No matter how high the stakes are, no matter how great the challenge is, we strongly believe that our success, above all, comes from the unyielding commitment, honesty, and integrity we put in all day-to-day activities and towards our people and society. Over the years NHOA stood out as a Group that inspires trust because our core business is to make the world a better place to live. And we will never stop making it happen. This Code of Ethics is our lodestar. Read it carefully. Apply it wisely. Share it proudly. Always observe it and make sure it is respected around you.


Mr. Carlalberto Guglielminotti
NHOA Group Chief Executive Officer


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