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International Graduate Program

Program at the glance

Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders in Clean Energy

A comprehensive training experience focused on developing the company’s future talent pool throught cross-functional rotations within Engineering, Business Development, and Project Management teams

24 Month-programm

Global opportunities

Competitive compensation
and benefits

What you’ll learn

You will undergo cross-functional rotations within Engineering, Business Development, and Project Management teams. Each rotation provides valuable experience, exposure to senior leadership, a personalized training and development plan, and formal mentoring.

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    Analyzing key markets drivers to foster NHOA Energy development
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    Coordinating the technical and commercial activities, and supervising the team
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    Defining, elaborating and drafting technical and commercial deliverables and offers
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    Sizing, designing, planning and pricing energy storage system to propose the best offer to our clients
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    Supporting clients and contractors’ relationship management
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    Supporting contractual negotiation with clients and contractors
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    Developing tools to improve efficiency of our offer process

The Journey


Everything about energy storage systems from A to Z

During the initial month, you will learn all about energy storage systems – from designing and sizing to pricing, planning and selling in our headquarters based in Milan. You will receive comprehensive training tailored to the industry’s demands.


Learning by doing

Following your training, you will immediately apply your knowledge in real-world projects. Through a rotational system, you will collaborate with seasoned engineers, business development managers, and project managers. This hands-on experience will solidify your understanding and refine your skills in a practical setting.


A glimpse into your future

As you complete your training, you will gradually assume greater responsibilities. With our guidance and support, you will take the lead on your projects, and start building your career path. Whether you aspire to become a TechSales Engineer, Business Development Manager, or Project Manager, you will have the opportunity to specialize and grow within our international offices, including Milan, Perth, Houston, and Taipei. These months will allow you to discover your preferred career path.

Future Prospects

After two years, you will have acquired all the technical and business foundations necessary to join our Engineering, Business Development, or Project Management Teams. It will then be your turn to mentor new young graduates.

What we are looking for

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    Energy, electrical or mechanical engineers
    (Exceptional profiles with management, industrial engineering,
    business administration or economic degree might be considered)
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    An outstanding final vote
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    Extra-curricular experiences are a plus
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    Less than 2 years work experience
  • null
    Full professional proficiency in English
    (any additional language is a plus)
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    Milan, Perth, Taipei, Houston based
    (potentially available to move abroad)

Application Process

Join NHOA Energy and keep your career growing!

APPLY HERE from 1st April 2024

1st April – 15th June

Upload your CV, cover letter and optional references.
This is your first chance to showcase your studies, any previous work experience, extra-curricular activities or anything else that you deem relevant and could tell us more about yourself.

17th – 21th June

If you pass the initial selection process, you will receive an email from our Talent Recruitment Manager for a brief call. This call will serve to better acquaint ourselves with you and provide you with useful insights about the next steps.

24th-28th June

You will receive a Business Case via email, and you will have 3 days to demonstrate your skills and return it. The Business Case will require you to analyze and conduct various simulations to determine the optimal technical and economic configuration of a power plant featuring a mix of technologies including photovoltaic, battery, and generators.

1st – 12th July

You will undergo interviews first with the Talent Recruiter and the Head of Development Operations, followed by interviews with the 3 primary functions of the company: TechSales Manager, Business Development Manager and Project Manager. Throughout the interviews, you will engage with each function to discuss your business case and your aspirations regarding joining NHOA Energy.


15th – 25th July

You will be the contacted by the Talent Recruiter Manager to inform you about our final decision.
Your onboarding is expected by Mid-September 2024.