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NHOA at 2022 YES-Europe Annual Conference presenting energy storage technologies to celebrate world Earth Day


Turin, 22 April 2022 – On the occasion of the Earth Day, Lorenzo Meraldi, NHOA’s deputy CTO of Energy Storage Global Business Line, spoke at the 2022 YES-Europe Annual Conference organized by PoliENERGY, a student association of the Politecnico di Torino which aims to become a point of reference for all young people in the energy, sustainability and technological innovation sectors, and YES-Europe (Young Leaders in Energy and Sustainability), a European NGO which organizes conferences to connect and find meaningful ways to make a difference in the energy field and offers a platform to develop initiatives to shape the future of energy in Europe.

2022 YES-Europe conference, which is held annually in a different European city, took place this year in Turin, Italy, at the Stellantis Heritage Hub gathering hundreds of under 35s, including students and young European professionals, with the aim of raising awareness on energy and environmental issues and encouraging the exchange of information, experiences between young people to promote personal, social, cultural, technical and professional development.

At the “Energy storage solutions for a cleaner energy transition” panel Lorenzo talked about NHOA’s commitment to design and deliver turn-key energy storage systems to transform solar or wind farms into sustainable and available 24/7 energy sources. NHOA, indeed, is a pioneer of microgrids with renewables and green storage systems with iconic utility-scale projects across Europe, America, Asia and Oceania, powering over 500,000 people with the mission to enable the global transition towards clean energy and sustainable mobility shaping the future of a next generation living in harmony with our planet.

World Earth Day is a yearly reminder for mankind to protect and safeguard planet Earth. Energy can create transformational opportunities and the energy transition is a key enabler of sustainable development and climate resilience. Such opportunities will be achieved only if the transformation is implemented involving the new generations that are essential for the design of a balanced transition process. We believe that young people hold the key to creating a better future: it is exciting to see today that they are also the ones with the most cutting-edge ideas and sincere determination to build a better society for tomorrow.

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NHOA at 2022 YES-Europe Annual Conference presenting energy storage technologies to celebrate world Earth Day