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Energy Storage

We enable the transition towards clean energy

All our products are built on HyESS™, a unique technology platform that transforms intermittent renewables into the pillars of a reliable and sustainable grid


Designed to optimize density and performance of batteries

A range of containerized housings fulfilling world-class density, operational, safety and affordability requirements. Our housings are easily transportable and can host different battery technologies to address power and energy needs.


Advanced power conversion station

Containerized solution for power conversion that embeds advanced features such as on-grid and off-grid operation with seamless transition management, virtual inertia and power quality capabilities. The solution is powered by C-BESSHD, our cutting-edge proprietary storage inverter featured with advanced control functions.


Turn-key battery energy storage solution

Designed for a wide range of applications that require up to one hour of storage capability, HybridHouse guarantees the best performances and system reliability and provides multiple grid-support and industrial microgrid services.


We unlock the transition towards sustainable mobility

Our innovative charging services and products make the transition to e-mobility easy by offering revolutionary, seamless and tailor-made solutions for both individual and business customers

Energy Storage Products

E-Mobility Products

Atlante eStation


Charging, made easy

Thanks to its two in-built operating modes, with easyWallbox you can recharge immediately in Plug & Play mode (up to 2.3 kW) and reach up to 7.4 kW with a simple upgrade.


Opzimizing any charging experience

The perfect choice both for single users and fleets, and parking lot owners. eProWallbox is a smart, flexible and connected charging device that operates from 2 to 22 kW.


Designed to offer the perfect charging service

The all-new solution designed to charge up to two vehicles in public and semi-public environments with a single-phase charging power up to 7.4 kW and a three-phase charging power up to 22 kW.

ePost CityWay

Enabling Fast Charging in urban context

Revolutionary fast charging solution that exploits tramway and trolleybus existing infrastructure to offer a Fast Charging experience where grid transformation and civil works are impossible.


Pioneering V2G Technology

V2G enables the energy exchange between the vehicles and the power grid transforming parked electric vehicles in valuable sources for the stabilization the electrical grid, promoting the spearhead of renewable energies. Discover more about our V2G Projects.


A sustainable and unique Fast Charging technology

Our new public Fast Charging network 100% grid integrated will offer the best charging experience, while providing grid services to the European grid, enabling a higher penetration of renewables

Energy Storage Products

E-Mobility Products

Atlante eStation


Innovative technology for Fast Charging and Grid Services

eStation is a modular centralized DC fast charging solution, ready to provide VGI services, that can be easily integrated with on-site generation. Thanks to the optional storage module it can be installed even in grid constrained areas.

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