EnergyHouse 0.5 HD

Battery Energy Storage System

Battery Energy Storage System
High energy density
inside a 40 ft container
Long energy storage duration (2+hour)
Built-in control system
Long energy storage duration (2+hour)
Long energy storage
duration (2+hour)

EnergyHouse 05 HD integrates state-
of-art Lithium-ion batteries

EnergyHouse 05 HD is NHOA battery storage system designed for a wide range of energy intensive applications. It is suitable for large utility-scale projects to provide Renewable Capacity Firming and Time-Shifting, including Solar-Plus-Storage applications.

10+ years of on-field experience

EnergyHouse 05 HD integrates state-of-art Lithium-ion batteries series connected up to 1500VDC and includes a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system, as well as multiple safety and automation devices for optimal battery operation. PROPHET EMS, NHOA’s proprietary energy management system, enables such a comprehensive system to operate within the plant and guarantees increased performances and lifetime. Leveraging on its 10+ years of on-field experience and relying on an effective risk assessment procedure compliant to international standards, NHOA ensures the achievement of high safety levels.

EnergyHouse 0.5 HD

All-in-One Features

Integrated advanced control and monitoring system (PROPHET EMS) for optimized performances and lifetime

Optimized thermal management system to improve battery usage

System designed by taking into account the main battery ageing mechanisms to meet End of Life project requirements

High modularity to best fit energy and power requirements, by varying the number of battery modules and racks

EnergyHouse 0.5 HD

Technical Specifications

Installed energy capacity up to:
5.7 MWh

Nominal DC voltage:
up to 1500 V

Storage duration:
2+ hours

Container type:
40ft High Cube

Thermal management system:
externally door-mounted HVAC units

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