HybridHouse 1 HD

Energy Storage and Power Conversion. All in On

All-in-one containerized
High energy density up
to 1 hour
Built-in control system

HybridHouse 1 HD hosts state-of-art Lithium-ion

HybridHouse 1 HD is NHOA’s turn-key battery energy storage solution, designed for a wide range of applications that require up to one hour of storage capability. It is suitable to be used in utility-scale projects for providing Ancillary Services (such as Frequency Regulation), Renewables Integration and Power Quality services.

Vertically integrated technology

HybridHouse 1 HD hosts state-of-art Lithium-ion batteries series connected up to 1500 VDC, NHOA’s proprietary cutting-edge Power Conversion Systems (PCS) and PROPHET EMS controller as well as safety, automation, and cooling devices. Leveraging on NHOA vertically integrated technology and 10+ years of on-field experience, HybridHouse 1 HD guarantees the best performances and system reliability and provides multiple grid-support and industrial microgrid services. An effective risk assessment procedure, compliant to international standards, ensures the achievement of high safety levels.

HybridHouse 1 HD

All-in-One Features

Compact all-in-one energy storage solution based on an optimized container layout for reduced installation and commissioning time

System designed by taking into account the main battery ageing mechanisms to meet End of Life project requirements

Advanced inverter control functionalities, including virtual inertia, power quality services and seamless transitions, are enabled by NHOA’s C-BESSHD

Integrated advanced control and monitoring system (PROPHET EMS) for optimized performances and lifetime

Energy capacity top-up option, to keep high energy availability during the whole project lifetime

Optimized cooling systems (forced air for PCS, HVAC for batteries) for full operation without derating up to an external temperature of 40°C

Design of the system according to the main international standards, including IEC 62933 series and IEC 62443

Scalable and modular design suitable for multi-MW applications, with paralleled HybridHouse configurations

A cutting-edge Risk Assessment Analysis provides the highest safety level for the whole system

EnergyHouse 0.5 HD

Technical Specifications

HybridHouse 1 HD model

Rated apparent AC power
3.6 MVA

Rated AC voltage (±10%)
690 V

PCS model

Number of PCS

Total installed energy up to 1
3.488 MWh

Maximum number of battery strings

Maximum DC voltage @ rated power
1500 V

Minimum DC voltage
990 V

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