Business and employee impact beyond the workplace

We aim at transforming our mindset towards sustainable living and reducing industrial footprint and general waste, at the source.

Atlanters’ forest

Atlante, the latest NHOA Group’s GBL, has a partnership with Treedom to plant trees worldwide as a part of its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and promoting a revolution in sustainable mobility for a next generation living in harmony with our planet.

Eden Reforestation Projects

We are committed to make our business travels more sustainable! Together with our travel agency BizAway, we offset CO2 emissions through automatic donations to Eden Reforestation Projects, a non-profit organization committed to the fight against poverty and pollution through the cultivation of mangrove trees in large areas of the world devastated by deforestation.

Green initiatives

Since 2019 NHOA has adopted a “plastic free” policy in all its premises that includes the removal of plastic bottles from vending machines and the installation of water distributors, the replacement of disposable cups with biodegradable, washable or glass ones, and purchase of compostable coffee pods.
Moreover, NHOA conducts a daily surveillance on separate waste collection at its offices and has a strict policy on paper cut.


New Horizons Ahead