Our ESG pillars

We conduct a formal materiality analysis to determine which CSR topics matter the most in our business and to ensure we prioritize the issues that have the biggest impact on our stakeholders, communities and environment.

2022 Sustainability Report

2021 Sustainability Report

Materiality Matrix

Our comprehensive materiality analysis helps us to identify the economic, social and environmental issues that are most important to our business and stakeholders. Conducting a thorough analysis not only helps to identify issues to be covered in our reporting but also supports decisions on where to focus internal resources.

We know that stakeholder priorities are constantly changing, and that we must evolve to ensure we meet expectations. Our aim is conducting a formal materiality assessment every 2 years, through which we identify and prioritize the issues that matter most to our business and stakeholders.

This matrix was created following the materiality analysis process carried out at the beginning of 2021.


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